A Guide To Guitar Makers In Britain


Here at British Made Guitars we hold two things close to our hearts – Guitars, and the recognised quality and skill of British craftsman.

It’s a little known fact that there are 100′s of expert Guitar Makers in Britain producing instruments that rival the build quality and innovative design of any of the leading names in this global industry.

British Made Guitars is a site dedicated to promoting the News, Brands, People & Products associated with guitar makers here in Britain – both big & small! Over the coming weeks and months we will be populating our pages with names and links of where you can find out more and contact many of these great British Guitar builders and we hope to provide interviews, company profiles, news, updates and general information on the Guitar Building industry in Britain, past, present and future.

Our aim is to inspire all our visitors to investigate the amazing talent of our home-grown guitar makers and hopefully they will Buy British!


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